Tug helps you ship it

A staging instance for every branch. Try, play and troubleshoot real instances of your application. Hosted continuous deployment from GitHub to Heroku.

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Free while in beta.

Everytime your team pushes a branch or opens a pull request Tug will turn it into deployed application. It creates new instances for new branches and deletes instances for merged branches. It takes 60 seconds to setup and there are no changes to your team's workflow.


Code sourced from GitHub

You pick the repository, we'll take care of everything else. A deploy key and service hook is automatically added so you don't need to make any changes to your stack.

Deploy to Heroku on every push

Instances are created and torn down using the Heroku account you nominate. A short lived branch means a short lived instance and instances that live for less than 750 hours are free.

One configuration, many instances

Environment variables, addons and lab features are automatically copied for each instance that's created. Changes to the configuration propagate on the next deploy.

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Everything as it happens

Catch problems before they hit production. Confidently try a new environment configuration or troubleshoot a specific part of your stack. You get access to the complete log to see how it went.

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